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Donna firmly believes in the importance of a good foundation, learning who we are, our purpose in life & following your soul.  ‘A good teacher is everything, it is a great responsibility.‘  She is thankful to have been taught by the best, Eddie Grenyer, Mavis Pittilla, and more recently Paul Jacobs, Who she still seeks guidance from because as any good teacher knows, we never stop learning...


Having been nurtured herself to build confidence, Donna comes from a place of understanding and has empathy'.  She is now ready and happy to share with her own students some of the knowledge that she has gleaned over the years by means of tutorials/talks once a month and weekly practice classes.

•   Testimonials   

Donna is a born teacher. She passionately combines profound mediumistic knowledge with individual assistance for every single student. All of this comes in such an uplifting and encouraging manner, that joining her class is not only always a great pleasure, but also a seemingly never empty "cornucopia“ of new ways and ideas for practicing and stretching ones own mediumistic abilities. May we be more or less experienced - all of us will certainly know, how important it is to be encouraged to take the next step, open ourselves to new possibilities, as well as constantly work on our foundations. Building that trust, that comes with encouragement and joy. A big creative heart, with always a smile on her face. Believing in openly sharing experiences, not holding back. Priceless. I experienced a lot and couldn’t ask for more!

Nathalie - Germany - May 2021

I would completely recommend Donna as a teacher, she is thorough with her teachings and explanations, helpful and patient. She knows how and when to coach, support and encourages you to push yourself when it’s needed. Donna has been my teacher for a year now and I have learnt so much from her and I’m looking forward to continue my development, hoping one day to achieve my goal of becoming a platform medium.

Nichola - UK - May 2021



Online Mediumship




with Paul Jacobs


& Donna Doyle

Starts - September 2023 

Thursday's 19:00-21:30 BST

7th Sept, 14th Sept

21st Sept, 28th Sept

5th Oct, 12th Oct

Investment £150.00



Are you letting spirit move you?

Are you aware of the intelligence of the spirit world & their ability to use your everyday experiences to help get specific/factual & evidential information that’s unique to them, across to you.

Send out that intention...

2023 Online Classes

27th April,

11th May,25th May,

8th June, 22nd June,

6th July

7-9pm (UK)

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Paul Jacobs

New 2022 mediumship development/ training progressive course 2022.


April-August 1 Saturday month. 4hr each 3pm -7pm U.K. each class. £250 total cost. Assisted by Donna Doyle.

This course is for students who are early on in their journey of mediumship development & training.

April 23rd. May 28th. June 25th . July 23rd. August 20th

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