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Donna grew up with an understanding and belief in the spirit world as it was very much a part of her paternal Grandmother's life. There were often talks and exciting conversations about who had what experience, however, no one had ever taken their ability any further.  

Donna is the first member of her family to become a professional medium. 


Reluctant at first, but curious to investigate she kept attending the Spiritualist churches for answers to what she was experiencing. Spirit seemed to want something as they often paid her a visit. It was only after becoming a mother and having post-natal depression did it become stronger and the visits became more frequent. A path of self-discovery had begun...  

she began to follow her soul's purpose,   


Starting at first to go out and serve the churches demonstrating her mediumship across the UK she embraced a newfound love, now she is happy to travel further, accepting work offers in both Spain & Germany, and more recently over the computer demonstrating for Australian, American & Canadian audiences. The Covid-19 pandemic gave Donna the opportunity to share her knowledge and help other developing mediums over zoom. Her classes have been running regularly for almost a year now 


Having many premonitions throughout her life Donna enjoys working psychically as well as mediumistically and believes in the importance of both which is why she learnt how to use the tarot cards, and is a lover of using colour when she reads for people. 


Now her four children have grown she is ready to embrace all the opportunities the spirit world present… 

    In her own words, she says 

"I realised I had always been searching and often feeling unfulfilled - I can honestly say that I feel complete, I know that I have found my true purpose and I am happy to work for Spirit in whatever way I can"

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